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WOODWARE SYSTEMS has six years of experience in development of software solutions for woodworking industry. We've put all this into one handy software package helping sawmills, joineries, carpenteries and other woodworking businesses to organize their daily operations and inventory.

Thanks to flexible structure our software is usable both for simple manufacturing and inventory management as well as complex order handling and self costing calculations. We also provide a solutions for integrating Your company specific needs like barcode scanners and other digital measuring devices.

Woodware helps you to:

  • get better overview about Your companies daily operations
  • improve efficiency
  • decrease labour dealing with data input and inventory control

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WS24 online stock

WS24 puiduladu Rapidly changing market situations urge us to find new sales channels. It's important to provide Your possible customers with accurate and detailed information about Your products. WoodWare Systems offers a possibility to join web-based automated timber market. It works automatically displaying just this part of Your free stock, what You wish to sell. Uploaded products are searchable by different qualities (species, thickness, width etc) and You can share it with whole wide world or with selected users only.

WS24 timber market:

  • displays only products selected by You
  • takes into account the changes in company's free stock
  • forwards the order from buyer to seller
  • allows restrict the access to Your free stock to selected users only

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WOODWARE allows various data input mechanisms, from manual to automated. It can  be integrated with metering instruments for automated data read.

Standard package of Woodware includes solution for offline barcode scanners and two types of terminals. We have also experience of creating customized solutions. Including integration of beam scanners, automated labeling, automated measuring and data input etc.

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Ganttic is web application for scheduling resources (human resources, manufacturing, construction) and projects. It provides user-friendly graphical interface, interactive Gantt charts for project & resource management.

Resource scheduling is widely used in different kind of enterprises. Still most of businesses do not use special software for that as those available on market today are expensive, complicated and hard to share.

Our solution is sufficient for most customers everyday planning needs and delivers visual planning of various resources like employees, equipment, vehicles etc. People can read gantt charts without any training. One of our slogans says:"No implementation time!"

Ganttic's features are aimed at programming, designing, rental, manufacturing, construction, logistics, wellness etc. businesses from small to middle size. It can be easily used for any kind of project management as well.

Ganttic makes resource scheduling easy and effective. Including all essential features it makes it perfect and handy tool for scheduling and planning.

Resource and project scheduling

  • resource and project management
  • simple scheduling and planning process
  • print and e-mail schedules

Web-based user-friendly graphical interface

  • interactive Gantt charts
  • charts can be viewed for any time interval within a year
  • easy rescheduling with drag&drop
  • visualization of tasks by status
  • view resource availability and allocations at a glance

Collaborative scheduling and planning

  • worldwide access
  • unlimited number of user accounts
  • view changes in real time
  • dashboard with plan status and current activities

Easy to use - start scheduling after registration

  • free account
  • try general demo
  • try specific demo versions for staff scheduling, manufacturing and construction businesses

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